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Sales Person

JCF Media meets the need for intelligent and purposeful social media marketing. We’re a full-service digital agency built for the customer. We partner with you and your business to drive customers to you.  JCF Media’s goal is to create, build and expand your online presence to increase awareness of you or your brand, ultimately leading to more sales. Press the button below to learn more.

What we do

Our goal is to help you achieve high ROI across all digital marketing platforms

SEO & AdWords

The importance of ranking highly on Google and other search engines is only becoming more important. Together we will create a strategy to ensure your name doesn’t fall into the depths of the unclicked.

Lead Generation

Digital marketing isn’t about just a pretty web page and some engagement on Memes. It’s about generating results and sales, and that’s our number 1 priority.

Web Development

Beyond a physical store, your website is the first impression your customers will get. This your chance to showcase who you are and what you do, with the opportunity to convert.

Influencer Marketing

The fastest growing online customer-acquisition method. We help you choose the right platforms the right influencers and achieve the right results.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the largest channel for marketing online. It allows you to connect with your customers in the most personal way possible.


Take your physical store and show it to the world. We work with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Wix, WordPress or any site of your choosing to create the perfect customer experience online. Taking your customer from seen to sold.

Our Founders

Jason Fox

Head of Social

Chris Fox

Head of Digital

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Why we are different

Digital Marketing to us is more than just building awareness, it’s about selling your product or service to your customers. We act as your greatest sales person and brand advocate. We achieve this through COMPLETE transparency and honesty, clear communication and a 24/7 available team of experts helping you along the way.