Facebook & Instagram Ads

2 Billion people use Facebook & Instagram every month. There is no doubt they have the attention of your Customers. With the world transfixed on their smartphones, the smart money is advertising where the attention is.

Outsmart Your competitors

Getting the best results isn’t always easy, JCF Media is committed to out-smarting your competitors, rather than out-spending them.

Capitalising on the platforms of Facebook & Instagram where the customers attention is, is staggeringly cost-effective. To maximise results we spend the time perfecting your audience, creative, offer & funnel to truly ensure, every cent is well spent.

The Right Time, The Right Place, The Right Platform


Users spend an average of 1.7 hours per day on Facebook. These people aren't just looking...they are buying. The fact is: Facebook isn't just for socialising anymore. It's for growing your business. If you're not getting the most out of it your leaving money on the tables for your competitors.


Instagram is no longer about bums, sunsets & memes. It is the second biggest Social Media platform globally. Customers behave differently on this platform and behave in unique ways. As they are within the same company Facebook Ads can be leveraged on Instagram to create an all encompassing Social Media Strategy.


Making a purchasing decision can easily be affected by someone you respect, like or trust. Today no one has more Social INFLUENCE than social media personalities with large followings. Like celebrity endorsements they give a brand credibility and greater cut through. The best part they can spread your business message with their audience on their highly engaged channel.

Facebook & Instagram Ads, The Benefits

Despite the incredible power of Facebook Ads only 6% of businesses are utilising the platform. This makes standing out & getting results incredibly inexpensive. Facebook knows how its users interact on the platform. It can clearly identify users interest and behaviours. Using Ads within this platform we can leverage this data to target your IDEAL customer. Results are reported real time, allowing us to make early campaign adjustments to maximise leads, sales & new customers.

Magnifying results

Constant Improvement

Creating a Facebook Ads campaign without testing is like throwing you know what at wall and hoping it sticks. Every Ad campaign needs to be put through rigorous and consistent testing.

Automation & Integrations

Our campaigns do not stop once the Ads are created. We hold the customers hand through your funnel journey. This starts by automating & integrating your data with platforms you already use. Therefore, until the customer is interested, qualified and ready to do business you can sit back and relax, knowing your greatest salesperson is working for you.

Backed by Intelligent Analytics

Spreadsheets for analytics are a thing of the past. We keep you up to date with a real time reporting platform that is easily accessible on your custom client dashboard.