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Google Marketing

The importance of ranking highly on Google and other search engines is only becoming more important. Together we will create a strategy to ensure your name doesn’t fall into the depths of the unclicked.

Real Reporting, Real Results, Real Progress

We base our results on real leads. A real lead can be a phone call, email or form submission. We optimise your campaign to leads not just traffic. We continue to focus on search terms producing real leads not just visits.

Search engines are the number one-way people find businesses in their local area. We help you capture consumers looking for your services in your local area

We prove your search engine advertising results by providing real-time online and mobile reports.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The importance of ranking highly on Google and other search engines is crucial to success. Together we will uncover what your customers are searching and put you in front of them.

  • Earnt over time via relevant content, well-designed web pages & Google best practices
  • Takes some time to optimize each page to multiple keywords – usually best to use multiple pages
  • Can take weeks or months to climb through the rankings
  • 50% of clicks come from high ranking listings – these customers tend to be more engaged
  • Unlimited traffic at no cost


Google AdWords is the quickest way to get people to your website. With our incredible technology, we maximize your campaign to produce real leads, from real customers.

  • Your customers will see your business first when searching in their local area
  • You only pay for the clicks you get
  • You can choose what searches you appear in
  • Can be done instantly
  • 50% of clicks out of searches are to AdWords.
  • Each page of your site can appear in a multitude of searches

Reputation Management

he best marketing is word of mouth. 73% people look at reviews from other customers and suggest it will affect their decision to enquire or make a purchase online. Today’s customer has access to ratings & reviews online. This even factors into your Google My Business ranking.

  • More positive reviews give you a higher ranking in My Business and Maps Searches
  • Increases Social Proof and click through
  • Requires customer input and the business to be serving their customers


Google My Business

🔍 SEO, is a constant battle with the forever changing algorithms of Google. However, there are quick ways to increase your SEO and see immediate results. 📊 As you can see above, we are ranked 4th when you search “Marketing Agencies”. Now don’t let this fool you, as...


Hi! 👋 We are JCF Media, a creative digital and social media marketing agency. 💻 We were founded last year by @jasoncfox. Earlier this year we grew enough to bring on @chris.a.fox. 🙏 We are in the business of helping businesses reach their ideal customers and make...

STOP Wasting Website Views

You have done everything right, your page is optimised for mobile, your content strategy on Facebook is driving traffic. Your website is fast and reliable. But then the potential customer leaves, and you’re left with nothing! 😫 Not anymore! Remarketing has taken off...