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As you well know, the necessity of ranking highly on Google cannot be understated. The future Billionaires and Business Legends of tomorrow are already well integrated within their strategy of managing obscurity. Standing there beside them is JCF Media, with flexible marketing strategies, so you can adapt with ease to the ever-changing customer.

Our Reporting Portal

Transparent Reporting, Visible Results, Actual Progress

Imagine this, your IDEAL customer has an issue. How does your Customer find a solution? Google, Alexa, Siri. One Hundred-Thousand search results appear. Distilled into a scroll of 10 per page. The first three or five are worth a look. The Customer picks one! The Customer finds YOUR solution to their problem; your marketing campaign, a flawless success.

If this is not yet your reality, We are here to help!

Your customised SEO and AdWords campaign will be optimised for Immediate visibility and impact. Streamlining the overall process of Lead, Customer, and Traffic generation; With revisions made daily to follow closely the trends of your real customers. To which our clients can monitor, with unlimited access, their actual progress with tangible results using JCF Media’s reporting platform. Allowing for a well-informed campaign, so you know: Where leads originate, how many leads are received, and how little it cost you.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Working closely together to identify what your customers searching habits are, our clients can jump the cue, invoking immediate action. With compelling content, and aesthetically crafted web pages, you can ensure your customers are more engaged; Placing you not only in front of Google but Front of mind. Adhering strictly to Google Best Practices, you can rest easy, JCF Media can expedite you through the ranks that would otherwise take months or years to attain.



Maximising awareness and reach in their local area, our clients are seen before all others. Paying only for the clicks they receive, they are able to choose what searches to appear in, with each page potentially occurring in multiple web searches. With our Dynamic technology at your disposal, watch your campaign as real leads produce real customers.

Customer Reviews

Reputation Management

“Word of Mouth” remains the most effective tool at your disposal. With such ease of access to Ratings and Reviews, utilising this resource is critical to improving your “Google My Business” ranking. More than Two-Thirds of all customers will consult reviews or rankings before making a decision. Impeccable customer service and engagement is paramount to success in this area; As more positive feedback results in more beneficial Maps and My Business searches.

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