Lead Generation & Sales Funnels

Leading your customer from intent to action like your best salesperson would.

Outsmart Your competitors

Cold Leads are the most common leads there are! So it seems common sense that you would want to invest the most resources into bringing them through your ‘Funnel’ and toward the pipeline. Taking potential clients to satisfied customers and finally to coming back again with a friend as a return client.

With JCF Media’s Lead Generation Strategy you will very plainly see how simple it is to break down your budget, so every cent is spent wisely with the highest chance for a return. We put lead generation into three different categories, to ensure we are providing the highest quality content to the best prospects. These three categories are Cold, Warm and Hot Prospects. Here is a breakdown of a great strategy to push each category to the next:

Cold Prospects

This is the ‘net’ that you will be casting out. This is the ‘Pillar’. You need to create ON BRAND and CAPTIVATING content for the best results, however, simply CREATING CONTENT is going to do wonders for your business’s analytics. JCF does recommend having someone in-house specifically and regularly creating your content for distribution, or using our services as we specialise in the quality and customer-centric approach to creating the content that you need in your business.

Warm Prospects

Offering a ‘Lead Magnet’ like A low priced offer, Reward incentives, or other downloadable assets are all to come into play with this SECOND PHASE of Lead Generation for Successful Facebook Advertising. As your Customers offer their details for your ebook or other resources you can guide them further down the ‘Funnel’ and closer to conversion.

Hot Audience

Don’t let your best lead be “The One That Got Away!” Recapturing your audience is the most effective strategy available; Priming your clients for immediate action, and increasing your sales revenue. As simple as investing $1 a day towards a nice and easy retargeting strategy, for your more reluctant clients. ┬áRemembering Attention is the deciding factor to success, will radically create change in your marketing strategy.