Podcast Marketing

Podcasts could be the next big thing. Customers are time poor; turning to Podcasts to listen on their own time. We work with you to conceptualize, film & distribute your business’ message.

Low effort Podcast marketing

All you need to do is spend 1 hour on the phone or on camera each month with our team and we will extract everything we need to create 4-6 podcasts. You will receive the edited videos well in advance for you to make any adjustments or changes.

All edits, transcript and posting can be handled by us. All you need to do time-wise is budget that 1 hour phone call or filming and we handle everything else.

Content marketing

Building an audience is the single best thing you can do for your business. With 1,000 true fans, you have a business for life. Once you reach that magical point, your promotion is handled by your followers, your marketing costs become almost non-existent and you can build a repeatable income. We work with you to create great content from your podcasts including articles and further posts. This requires little input further to the 1 hour phone call or 1 hour on camera.


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