Social Media Marketing

Implementing a strategy around the largest captive audience on the planet is a must for any business wanting to survive the saturation of advertising that is currently taking place. You need compelling content that is both unique and of high quality. Connecting to the person, not the transaction, in this way has shown to be the most cost-effective approach to customer engagement.

Channel Management

Social Media Management

The Right Time, The Right Place, The Write Stuff. Total immersion in the creation of content across all your channels of choice. JCF Media, Co-ordinating all ramifications of your campaign: Be it a blog, landing pages, email or other relevant social platforms.

AdWords to get your message heard

Paid Advertising

Getting the best results isn’t always easy, JCF Media is committed to out-smarting and out-designing your competitors, rather than out-spending them.

This method is undoubtedly one of the surest and timesaving methods of producing results; Capitalising on existing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn. Advertising on these platforms is staggeringly cost-effective. Providing incredible reach for our clients, we spend the time perfecting your audience to truly ensure, every cent is well spent.

Content Creating

Content Creation

To truly make Digital marketing your greatest salesperson, you definitely need great copy.
For copy is so eloquently, Sales-ship in print. Billions made through proper execution of fantastic content. The age of anything goes on the internet is over, as our audiences become mass consumers of expertly crafted media and content on such a readily available basis.

To capture an audience is easy but consistently captivating your audience is a rare gift; enabling a culture with thousands of followers, that’s a business for life. Taking you to that magical point JCF Media will work to curate exquisite content, specifically tailored to your niche, designed exactly to the required tone or voice each new project entails. All with minimal client input required.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

JCF Media grants their clients access to an already massive global network of movers and shakers across multiple industries. Utilising this inexpensive and highly effective strategy allows businesses to attain maximum results.

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